Why we invest 10% of all proceeds in youth learning & development

Circle City Cooperative was founded on the idea that giving back should be a fundamental part of any business. We offer premium CBD products, and we also try to scale the positive impact we make on children in the process by investing 10% of all proceeds in youth learning & development.

Why we give back

Our founding team grew up through the economic crisis of the late 2000s, watching dozens of purely profit-driven multinational corporations receive billion-dollar bailouts while everyday workers were left to fend for themselves, oftentimes struggling to cover housing expenses and provide meals for their families. Because of that, we think all businesses should give back as they grow.

Investing in our youth

We stitched the notion of giving back into the founding fabric of Circle City Cooperative because we feel that a company's success should correlate to its positive impact on the greater community it serves. We choose to give back to our youth because they truly are our future. We believe in supporting the growth of tomorrow's leaders—today.

Our focus on learning & development

We focus on learning & development because we think that equipping children with the mindset and skills necessary to succeed in the world is critically important. Our vision for a happier, more fulfilled tomorrow starts with instilling confidence and competence in our youth today. We want to create leaders who understand what it means to act consciously and responsibly while bringing their best to bear every single day.

Join us

We hope you'll join Circle City Cooperative in our mission to scale our impact on the youth as they grow into leaders capable of changing the world for the better.

Our Commitment

Circle City Cooperative invests 10% of all proceeds in youth learning & development.